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VESTYN Education provides advice to Private Universities and other education providers. Customers are private colleges, private universities, training companies, training providers, colleges, corporate academies and online learning provider.

VESTYN Education was founded by Dr. Krish in 2016, seat of VESTYN Education Services is Austria.

The objective of VESTYN Education is to provide a service to contribute to the optimum orientation of business of private universities and other companies in the sector Education.

VESTYN aims to provide better options to students who are willing to opt for higher studies in Medical Sciences, STEM reputed European Universities. All curriculum will be taught in the English language.

We are currently based out of Austria and are in our branch expansion mode across different geographies so that maximum students can benefit.

The European education system is growing rapidly, and lots of reforms are taking place particularly in the education sector. There are a many Medical Sciences, STEM and Master's degrees available in Europe, most of them leading to a Master of Science (M.Sc.). Most of them are in English.

In case if you are looking for obtaining Medical Sciences and Health Sciences degree from reputed universities, we at VESTYN can help you.

Masters studies for foreign graduates (Medical sciences and public health epidemiology, Health care management, Hospital Administration, Pharmacy and STEM) All the subjects are taught in English.

European Higher Education area and Bologna Process

The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is the result of the political will of 28 countries which, step by step during the last eighteen years, built an area using common tools. These 28 countries implement reforms in higher education on the basis of common key values - such as freedom of expression, autonomy for institutions, independent students’ unions, academic freedom, free movement of students and staff. Through this process, countries, institutions and stakeholders of the European area continuously adapt their higher education systems making them more compatible and strengthening their quality assurance mechanisms. For all these countries, the main goal is to increase staff and students' mobility and to facilitate employability.

European Union perfect place to study

Europe is the unique location in the Globe, and its stable political and social landscape makes it a perfect place to study. The countries pride itself on its natural beauty, spectacular scenery and fascinating cultural history, with towns that are as varied as the historic sites dating back to its imperial past. Europe has always been a bridgehead between cultures and ranks throughout the world as a major cultural centre.

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