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Europe receives immigrants from all over the world, irrespective of race, religion, and culture to meet the labor demands of its huge economy backed by enormous natural resources. It also receives immigrants as refugees from other disturbed areas of the world to fulfill its international commitments under the UN to provide safe haven for people either displaced by war or persecuted in their own countries.

After centuries of receiving immigrants under constantly evolving immigration policies and rules, Europe has meticulously crafted immigration procedures to handle a multitude of diversified cases thrown upon the immigration officers by the applicants in myriad numbers all over the world. A pile of options about going to Europe and their associated procedures is available. Choosing the right option and/or the right procedure determines the success or failure of an application. Successful applicants are those who skillfully tailored their applications to these varied and complex procedures.

This is why the European Countries Government, in spite of making all arrangements for self-applications, enforces stringent regulations in immigration practice requiring only trained and certified professionals to represent immigrants in applying for a visa. In an effort to ensure delivery of quality service to the teeming population of potential immigrants worldwide, the local government department puts a serious warning that applications submitted by applicants represented by unlicensed agents/consultants shall not be entertained.

VESTYN Austria gives professional services to intending immigrants, temporary workers and international students who want to file their applications from outside or inside Europe. VESTYN AUSTRIA believes in professionalism and fairness of business. Our practice involves a network of international agents in various parts of the world which underscores an attitude towards addressing the needs of clients with a personal touch. We build our business on this philosophy.

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