Founder & CEO

Dr. Krish Somepalli (Orthodontics)

Dr. Krish Somepalli is graduated from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga worked as an oral care specialist eight years countries like South Africa and Singapore and did the master of Orthodontics DPU AUSTRIA currently working as a health care consultant. Subsequently, he developed Vestyn Education Service Management in (OEEC) Organization for European Economic Co-operation region. After that, he led a team of professionals for livelihood Healthcare education development programs in the European area for a not for profit organization, Professional Assistance for Career Developments (PRACD). In2009, he went to Austria on Master of Orthodontics studies. He worked as an independent consultant for developing Health care further education studies in the field of health sciences.


I am pleased to welcome you to visit our website, and it was my honor to establish VESTYN EDUCATION Europe and very soon launching a further education college in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), the city of beauty, friendship, and study. As a Doctor who came to study in Austria and who gained life experience in this country, I realized how great it is here from an international student's point of view. I found it very friendly and open, and that is why I got determined to establish VESTYN EDUCATION. Also, since I have discovered a high capacity for international students who wish to have an academic degree along with a living experience in an attractive culture and lifestyle, I was more and more encouraged. Europe is the place in which you can find all tastes and colors besides its high-level universities and academic institutes.

The idea of establishing Vestyn Education this is why it is important for students not only to choose the right study field but also a quality university. Comes from the before mentioned reasons and, as a person who has both experiences in the study and living in Austria, I highly recommend you take the opportunity of studying in Europe. We do our best service to students. Come and study at European Universities and experience a new life!

Throughout Europe, higher education is undergoing great changes to establish what is being called the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) based on the Bologna process. The goal being the establishment of a uniform, transparent and efficient development of professionals in a higher education system that can react in a flexible way to the changes in the labor market, and to the challenges presented by increasing globalization. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the Bologna process and to give a summary of the implemented initial stages in the health care higher education in Europe. As a consequence, the Hungarian higher education in healthcare has undergone considerable reforms to facilitate transition into this new system. The results indicate that the new structure in health sciences is not compatible with another way of European countries by introducing Bologna reforms, although the content of the former Bachelor's curriculum remained the same. Masters programs are still being discussed.

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