Our Mission

Your objective is the one that clearly underlines your plans and ambitions in that profession. My educational background, knowledge and inbuilt passion motivate me to inspire youth towards careers in Healthcare.

As most of our clients are overseas students, we understand that they need study plans and proper guidelines from the commencement of their studyher till getting Permanent Residency or career goals. VESTYN Education Services understands the confusion, frustration and time associated with the admission and visa application process, therefore, provides a fast, friendly, expert immigration advice and assistance for people seeking a visa to study or live permanently in Europe and Canada.

We take our time to understand clients' strengths, weaknesses, needs, and expectations and enroll them in the appropriate courses ensuring them so that it is aligned with their career goals. Many of our clients studies with the intention of a successful career. Therefore, we carefully assess their skills (Education & work experience) and endeavor to find suitable study and migration pathways so that they can utilize their past skills to enhance their career and at the same time increase the chances of success in migration outcome. Thus, eliminate the current trends of the high rate of course changes and education provider transfers which save's time and money.

It was a common practice in the Europe to study mainly healthcare courses and some of the professional courses then move to USA, Middle East, and the UK to meet the skills shortages and enjoy the strong economy. However, recent Global Financial Crisis, particularly in the USA and Europe, made them rethink their choice of destinations and career. Global Economy compared to the other popular destinations are far better and gives a good understanding of value Climate, colorful diversity, and others.

We would like to bring the professionals, trades people and the students mainly from developing countries who want to gain knowledge and experience and happy to contribute their skills to our economy if the opportunity is provided to them. We would certainly ensure that our clients understand the fact that we may have skills shortages in certain areas such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction and various other professional trades. However, they need to gain sound knowledge and skills along with appropriate work experience to be able to participate in our work force nevertheless no guarantee of skills migration as the current migration system is purely demand driven.

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