Welcome to the VESTYN education service management. Europe receives immigrants from all over the world, irrespective of race, religion, and culture to meet the labor demands of its huge economy backed by enormous natural resources. It also receives immigrants as refugees from other disturbed areas of the world to fulfill its international commitments under the UN to provide safe haven for people either displaced by war or persecuted in their own countries.

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VESTYN Practice

VESTYN Organisation provides professional services to clients in all categories of European visa and permits under the prevailing policies, laws, bylaws, rules and regulations of organizations like student residency and Working residency. Immigration and EU Blue cards, Human Resources and Skills development of Europe (HRSD), European Border Services Agency (EBSA) and various other departments. Many of our cases may be dealt within the ambit of numerous intergovernmental agreements and varied programs of the provincial governments.

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VESTYN has a duty to provide immigration services honorably, and to discharge all responsibilities to clients, government agencies, the Board, colleagues, the public and others affected in the course of its practice with integrity. It has a privileged role to play in maintaining the integrity of European immigration system and the administration of justice. It always endeavors to uphold the rule of law and acts at all times honestly and in good faith towards clients and immigration officials.

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VESTYN assumes the responsibilities of:

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